Calvey Consulting has lectured on a variety of construction-related topics
including scheduling, construction delays, damages and delay costs and the
measured mile analysis. Below is a sampling of some of the past presentations:
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  • AACE International (Cost Engineers)– Time Impact Analysis
  • AACE International (Cost Engineers) – Measured Mile Analysis
  • AACE International – Great Negative Lag Debate
  • AACE International – Your Fired – Contract Termination
  • AACE International – Is Noncritical Progress Critical?
  • The Chicago Bar Association (Lawyers) – Measured Mile Analysis
  • AAA (American Arbitration Association) – Critical Path Scheduling
  • American Society of Professional Estimators – Measured Mile
    Labor Analysis
  • American Society of Professional Estimators – Estimating Lost
    Labor Productivity
  • PHCC - Construction Contractor’s Alliance – Managing Your Time
    & Profits
  • The “Owner’s” Construction Superconference – What Owner’s
    Need to Know About Delay and Disruption Claims
  • PMI (Project Managers) College of Scheduling – Resource Critical
Please contact us if you would like more information about these topics.